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Happiness begins in your heart...

The power of peace and inner happiness can be experienced in meditation, in divine love, in nature, in the healing sounds of music and in the beauty of art... The Light that emanates from this power is the spark that makes us live and connects us. With my work, I hope to inspire you to find inner happiness and to radiate this Light. Love flows inexhaustibly from your heart. Love is our greatest protection. When you consciously experience this power it gives you the space to give, connect with people, forgive someone and contribute something to a more loving world.

Meditation has helped me to focus more deeply and experience the connection to the Source of Love and Light, which is very fulfilling in my life.

But how do you start... opening your heart, connect with nature, and practice meditation?
Just by taking a moment to feel, to be, listening to your breath, standing still and experiencing.