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Period 2 until 2011-12: Energy flows

I had made a habit of meditating for a moment in the evening before going to bed. That way I learned to let go of the day and fall asleep wonderfully. One evening in October (2005), while meditating, I received a call from a woman. Her energy image emerged clearly and she invited me to seek her out. There was not a moment of doubt in me. That very night I decided to go looking for her.

It took several months before I actually traveled with a friend and after an extraordinary search I found her. She was a Tibetan Buddhist nun in Nepal, Kathmandu. The encounter touched me in the depths of my being. A white-gold glow passed through my body, permeating and enveloping everything. A completely new experience of my emotional world and my perception into the Divine essence of Light opened up.


Slowly, this renewal began to integrate into my daily life ... and I began to express my feelings in a different way through painting. This brought me again and again into deep silence, peace. I no longer felt so attached to external realistic forms. I wanted this period to paint directly from my feelings what I was experiencing internally at a deeper level. I became more detached from thinking.... I began to paint the first intuitive paintings with oil paint, but became hypersensitive to the solvents of oil paint and that made me switch to acrylic paint. The abstract forms allowed me to merge harmoniously with the flow.


During this period, I got to know my fully realized Yoga Master Prema Baba Swamiji. Through His reaching hand I was able to further develop and deepen my connection with the Light and the Divine. This period thereby brought the space to the forefront of the possibilities, the expansion that we as humans can experience in the essence of Light. How matter can start to move and resonate and how that brings the inner movement into our bodies.

When we gain spiritual insights and grow inwardly, the body also moves to a higher energy level, which sometimes causes over-stimulation and requires temporary adjustments in, for example, nutrition due to sensitive digestion. Sometimes old layers of emotions were released, which I had to process. Step by step the inner fire of cellular burning grew to a higher level, and then everything came back into balance. This does not always happen automatically. Again and again it was a search and a discovery....


There were also times when I struggled to understand how we live, as if we were, "trapped in illusion on Earth".... But through  meditation I began to experience that my roots became deeper, as if I began to grow like a tree, with solid full branches. But still sometimes I felt overwhelmed by emotions, by the violence in this world, by sadness and fear.

As a child, I loved to play outside. I preferred to sit in the old chestnut tree near our house, where no one could see me. Now I began to connect intuitively with trees again, to meditate by trees or climb on a low branch and become totally absorbed in the feeling of the tree and experience peace. I meditate often in nature, there I feel space to really turn deeper inward and analyze my thoughts and allow deeper transformations. For me, it was (and is) a way to allow the unconditional power, beauty and energy of nature to help me deal with the pressures of daily life, to turn inside and feel peace. I painted the painting shown below in 2010 to express all these feelings (1.22 x1.54m).

The painting has two sides: on one side my feelings and thoughts speak about the flow of creation, about sexuality, receiving and letting go, earthly matter, the duality between masculine and feminine; and on the other side I depict my strengths to stand tall and experience being like a tree. In the radiant Light of the Sun my roots grow deeper and deeper. Just as long and deep until I experience the nurturing of the Earth and can perceive, forgive and accept. In this deep cherishing moment, cosmic consciousness opens, emotions disappear like snow for the Sun and duality comes to oneness, to the unity of Light and Love.

Copyright for my paintings is registered worldwide with U.S. Copyright Office

Realistische en abstracte Kunst van Marieke Krista Engelbregt