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Period 3 until 2017 Ananda, Inner Light and Happiness


The children grew older and there was more and more space to paint. My paintings grew along with my experience of Light, and I received inspirations to express my experiences of energy in new ways. Although Prema Baba was mostly in the background during this period, His energy, and the insights I had received from Him, continued to play a major role for me and my paintings. Free abstract expression allowed me to express the inner joy I felt, for which there are no words. The paintings pictured at this time are part of the Ananda series, which means "greatest joy," or "Bliss".


The energy patterns in points and colors represent movements and feelings of expansion. I experienced a deepening in looking at myself, at the world. I began to experience more deeply the connection of oneness between inner and outer and with that the inner flows and power of movement in waves of energy.


The painting below is called "Inexhaustible Source."
The painting is from 2014 and, like all my paintings, I made it freehand.
It is 1.22m wide and 1.19m high.


During this period, after a vision at Lake Siskiyou in Mount Shasta, I also got to know Mother Amma. Mata Amritananda Mayi Devi. Mother Amma, with her great compassion and example, helped me in my spiritual process of forgiveness, learn to turn deeper inward, resolving old emotions, and She revived the fire in my digestion.


My yoga master Prema Baba keeps close on the background, everything I learned from Him is internalizing and deepening. I am beginning to perceive a deeper divine connection and perceive the cosmic layers in energy, color and radiance more clearly. In the series below I gave expression to the initiations I received from Him about eight to ten years before.


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