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Jack Canfield

Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™
“I was struck by the conversation with the Ocean. This book really captures a lot of Universal truth ... It is such a sweet book, written in such a sweet way, in such profound wisdom. It is a beautiful giftbook.”

Dr. Donald Schnell

Bestsellers Author of "The Initiation" and co-author of "Young for Life"
"... Her words are a welcome explosion of joyous universal energy. You know, the kind that speaks to your heart and makes you smile again... She knows the ups and downs of the Soul’s journey to the Inner Heart of the Source of Beauty."

Jocelyn King

"The book reminds me of The Little Prince and The Boy, The Mole, the Dog and the Horse — this book inspires the light and creativity in the reader and it is a great gift book."

Christine Haden

"It is absolutely beautiful. Your prose is breathtaking, your paintings are lovely, and my life has truly been enhanced by your work."

Mascha de Weijer

Yellow Star Coaching
What a beautiful and sweet little book it is! So special that some of the poems touch me so deeply. I feel that everything is allowed to be there and that love is allowed to flow. It opens my heart and I feel connected to all that is. Every time, again and again, it is a fine experience to read. Thank you Marieke!