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José Korver

Thank you Marieke, very nice to have met you in 2019 and that you have helped me so well on my way which has allowed me to keep my kidney and eat better and better nutrition. From you I learned that you can achieve (heal) a lot with good nutrition and the power of loving energy 🧡

Anna van Langen

Dear Marieke, Many thanks for all your help! We are facing the process with confidence thanks to the earthly and heavenly help. It feels intense, but through everything I learned with you I have the tools to face it with courage and confidence. With love, Anna


Human Resource Manager
Dear Marieke, Thank you for the beautiful journey we took together last summer. I came to you for sessions to prepare me for giving birth. You taught me to deal with the spiritual as well as the earthly side of giving birth and to use all the emotions that are released as a source of power. The journey was full of excitement & release, insights, expansion, humor, love and gentleness. The insights made me happy and light and gave me the space to face childbirth again with confidence: the result was a gift ;-).

Uke Wijmans

ayurvedische massage
Thank you Marieke for the insights. It has helped me a lot, relax, process and become more at peace.


Very happy and grateful I feel that yesterday I was able to bathe in the beautiful energy that was there. Very special. Today I felt the same energy again. It is working and is afterglow. Much love from a grateful Hanky

Martine Nijenhuis

Dear Marieke, Every time I come to you something special happens... From the very first moment I came to you I felt safe and loved. I feel free to express myself exactly the way I feel and that alone is SO nice! You give me a great gift just with your presence, your radiant smile, your subtle soft and warm voice and your eyes that are full of real attention. What you perceive you tell in a sweet and humble way. It is always right and helps me move forward. I feel and notice from my reactions that you touch me in deeper layers. Through this you make me aware of myself, of who I really am. I cry, laugh, realize all kinds of things, understand myself and my surroundings better and this continues when I am back home. For this wonderful gift I can only sincerely thank you. Hereby,

Theresa van Dijk

Werken met paarden
Hi Marieke, After your workshop "Being myself in love" with the affirmations in Bergen, I feel that things did change. I had been struggling with chronic back pain for about twenty years (since the delivery of my youngest daughter), which was sometimes more severe than other times, but it was always present. The mildest form was a stiff back. After the weekend, I actually had no back pain at all, don't ask me how it could be, I've tried a lot of things and drifted off. Even if I had spent an afternoon working in the garden, I was pretty much waiting for the back pain, which just didn't come. At first I didn't dare to speak up, afraid it would then announce itself again the next day. But now two months later I am still doing well and have no more back pain! greetings Theresa van Dijk

Richard Vester

Hello Marieke, thanks again for the livestream meditation. In the beginning I had no sound, but my technician Marianne was able to solve that in time, I did not need to pass on an intention because this meditation was entirely what the content of my thought! Thanks for this.

Nienke Nap

Yogadocent Egmond
A feeling of deep gratitude comes up in me when I experience and feel and think about all that I have learned from you Marieke. Through our meditations and conversations it emerges where my pain is and how it can be transformed. It is so nice when words are given to what I experience. I feel so understood and seen. This has made me much more aware of my sensitivity and how to deal with it better. It is great that you have given me practical exercises on how to let go and deal with the energies of others. Because of our therapy and the tincture for myself and my oldest son I can sleep better and I have a softer and more open contact with myself and my children. I also feel a lot of peace within myself. Also I feel more connection to take better care of myself. And very importantly, I can experience love and moments of happiness again. I cannot say it often enough: Thank you Marieke and lots of love, Nienke Nap

Walter Reitsma

Hello marieke, hereby I would like to thank you for a nice and gentle meditation via the free livestream. I already wanted to quit smoking and I had already decided, now I finally felt completely relaxed again. I thought I already felt love for myself, but it was very much reinforced in the meditation. Now I understand why I did it. It worked, I really stopped.

Cynthia van Aacken

hypnose- en regressietherapeut
Thank you dear Mariek! Thank you for teaching me this inviting and loving meditation to get in touch with myself and my inner children. Very inspiring also to be able to give free rein to my emotions through drawing and to feel that I really released 'frozen' pieces. Especially the last time in meditation was special because I met a part of myself that has been hidden for a long time. Despite my doubts about whether this was really mine, I took responsibility and gave it a loving home within me. And as a result, my strength also returned! Even though it is not finished yet, I acknowledge myself and what could be more beautiful than that? Love, Cynthia van Aacken


I wanted to share an experience with you. I did a deep meditation last Sunday using your recording. This went so well! When I got to my inner descent to mother earth I became emotional. This came back again a little later. The moment I put the affirmations aside I spoke them, completely from my heart and no longer from my head. This was a very beautiful experience. Greetings and love, Fred

Rita Koolen

lerares en kunstenares
Marieke I would like to share something else with you. I found the workshop very special and it had such a long lasting effect. Especially the guidance in learning to make contact with mother earth, the relaxation I felt in my body and being open to that beautiful bright light. I found the day so harmonious, the effects of this day I gradually realized during the following days. I lived in an enormous inner peace. Upon returning home, something happened with the children to which I usually react violently. Now I reacted with inner peace and my calmness was not a learned pedagogical act and it felt good. I was surprised at how it felt, to not be carried away with another person's emotion. I try to do the exercises regularly because I realize how quickly I repeat negative thoughts and how quickly I forget to repeat the positive thoughts. The great thing about repeating the positive thoughts is that you can do it anywhere, in line at the supermarket, in a conversation with an angry colleague, on the toilet or in the car. By saying the sayings I create humor and affection and therefore peace. I sleep much, much better. Greetings, Rita Koolen