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Inspiring you to find the Divine essence of God, Love and Light within and to help you explore your creativity and qualities of life, that is my life's mission.

English Interview with Jack Canfield
It was very exciting, my first English interview ...  in English, Jack Canfield is in the US ... I am in the Netherlands ...  it is the middle of the night ...

Marieke Engelbregt is Masterteacher in Meditation van de Spiritual Yoga

Dutch Interview with Marjolein Berendsen
An opening and warm conversation with Marjolein about spiritual development, holistic living, meditation and awakening in light & love.


Interview Happinez
For the special edition of Happinez, the anniversary issue of July 2023, I spoke with the inspiring writer Marja de Boer. Read an impression of the sparkling conversation in Happinez.


Happinez juli 2023 Marieke Krista    

Happinez juli 2023 Marieke Krista


Bestseller notification
Ocean of Light became a bestseller in the United States, the book was announced as a "press release" in the news pages below with an article and notification about 'Ocean of Light' with "Artist's Book Becomes An Instant Bestseller"!