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At a regularly basis I give lectures, meditations and satsang.

I have now performed on many different stages, for small and larger groups in spiritual Centers, for the cozy feeling around a campfire, and I have given satsang in India on really large stages with over 2000 enthusiastic listeners. 

Whether you are looking for an inspiring Spiritual lecture or satsang about Self development, Meditation, The Unknown, spending a day in Nature, Silence, 'dealing with uncertainty', How to find peace in 'Not Knowing', God, the Goddess, I will ensure that your audience is inspired and has a great time. My experience of over twenty years to work with groups and audiences means I can easily respond and give the insights by asking questions and giving answers. But always my main question is: where is the audiance asking for, what are their questions?

A lecture, satsang, meditation or workshop can be tailor-made for 30 minutes to 1.5 hours: the audience will be inspired to listen with fascination as I talk about my own experiences and take them to the love and silence of their own hearts .

I have performed in Belgium, the United States and India on a variety of topics in the field:

For the Spiritual Yoga, for Prema Baba Swamiji and Mataji Amma, I have given lessons and introductions for their retreats as well as performed Monthly yoga meditation evenings.

For the holy Mother Amma, Mata Amritanananda Mayi Devi, I gave a satsang twice in India for thousands of devotees, which was also livestreamed all over the world. At the first satsang I talked about "Universal Motherhood" and in April 2023 I explained in a satsang beside Her about the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita in the process of meditation and unification "The Inner and the Outer world are One".

In the Netherlands I have given Spiritual lectures in churches, Spiritual Centra, Schools, at campfires and living rooms, with topics of: "Ocean of Light", "Seven steps to happiness", "How to start with Meditation""The Inner Light", "Raising your frequency", "How to prevent stress?", "Saying goodbye and letting go", "Awakening", "The sacred vibes of the mountain Mount Shasta",  "Relationships", "The Hong and Sau breathing and meditation technique", and "Inner attunement and listening to the sound of Om"

If you are interested in organizing a lecture, satsang, or a program with meditation please contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Spirituele Lezing