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Do you have questions about your personal development, or your natural well-being?
Please contact me for an intake!

Together we will look at the possibilities for a treatment method tailored to you. In doing so, I draw on my experience in natural healing, acupressure, breathing exercises, integrative psychotherapy, regression- & hypnotherapy, and creative development.

Depression, chronic disease and stress

Many people dealing with stress related complaints. Often it is caused by an over-stimulation of the nervous system and an overload in tasks you have to do. Do you have such symptoms? Do you regularly feel depressed or do you have burn-out related complaints? 

Together we can look at treatment options. Through the path of hypnotherapy, regression and loving high-quality psychosocial care, affirmations and meditation, people often recover quickly.  A focus of the mind helps resolve underlying traumatic and, or emotional events. which I guide during sessions. You are welcome for an intake session where we can discuss the possibilities and I can draw up a treatment plan for you.

When dealing with chronic illness your life changes. It is important to explore how you yourself can maintain and stabilize the level of your natural health as high as possible. Often it is already possible to experience improvement in the short term, but it also requires a commitment from yourself to follow a diet, for example, to detoxify and release your body's waste products and harmonize the acidification of your blood again.

A treatment plan for chronic illness often covers a long period of time. My goal is to give you step-by-step insight into nutrition, natural medications, self-care and exercise advice during this period. I often make use of the Living Blood Analysis, which gives you more insight into what is going on in your body.

In addition, for chronic illness, many people benefit from psychosocial care, affirmations and meditation. A focus of the mind helps resolve underlying traumatic and, or emotional events. which I guide during sessions.



In addition to adults, I counsel children in practice individually, or sometimes just with one of their parents. In conversation and through creative expression, the openings for new insights arise that help in well-being. Homeopathy is often a good entrance to help children further with the emotional and physical processes they are dealing with and/or going through.

After a period of counseling, one of my young clients has completely blossomed and poses here in his home at his creative exhibition.

A mother told me about her daughter, answering the question "what do you feel when you have been with Marieke?" "Then I feel that my heartbeat gets happier and happier and bigger and bigger. So far to the end of the universe, end of the world.... Soooo big my heart gets then."

Below you can see the creation of a brave young client, learning to appreciate his self and feel deep trust.


In relationships, it is necessary to understand where you are yourself, and where the other person is. I have the experience of being in relation with my husband for more than 30 years with the ups and downs which are common and natural in personal development.

In relationship development, I guide sessions to refresh and "level" the personal alignment again. This brings openness and gives opportunity for new connection, through which you learn on a deeper level to listen to each other, respect and accept your own space-and the space of the other.

Relationship-sessions can be combined with individual personal sessions according to the need and the specific situation.

Marieke Krista


Prices including 21% VAT:
Consultation: €90,-
For sessions with children the price per consultation can be slightly adjusted and when needed this can also be discussed for adults
Consultation for multiple persons €120,-
Relationship alignment: 2 persons, family €120,-
Homeopathic prescription: €7,-
Crystal tincture: €21,-
Biofeedback or Neurofeedback: €52,- per session
Short telephone consultation by appointment €28,-
Telephone consultation by appointment €90,-

Consultations are unfortunately no longer reimbursed by health insurance companies.

I am a member of the Collective of Alternative Therapists (CAT)
and I am affiliated with the Foundation for Disputes Authority Alternative Therapists (GAT).


Disclaimer: This website has been created with the greatest possible care. No rights can be derived from it. When you have (physical) complaints, please consult a doctor. 

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