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Spiritual Yoga®

Spiritual Yoga® is a highly attuned form of deep meditation, which in the lineage of Babaji is transmitted by the Masters Prema Baba Swamiji and Mataji Amma in love and light. The purpose of Spiritual Yoga meditation is to guide human consciousness to the divine essence of Light, Love, to unity, peace and tranquility.

Prema Baba Swamiji "You don't have to change the darkness.
Your focus on the Light makes the darkness disappear."

Prema Baba Swamiji, my personal teacher in yoga since 2007, established Spiritual Yoga® in the United States, together with his beloved wife Swami Mataji Amma. They asked me to teach the Spiritual yoga and bring the awareness to others, which I do with love and dedication. Baba gave me my spiritual name, as given by Babaji "Oshianna".


Mataji Amma    Prema Baba Swamiji

The four main principles of Spiritual Yoga® are:

  • Prema, Divine Love
  • Shanti, Peace
  • Ahimsa, Nonviolence (both mental, emotional and physical)
  • Mukti, Liberation (freeing the soul through the Realization of the Self)

In Spiritual Yoga® you will find a moment for your true Self.... 

Meditation Masterclasses and Retreat Spiritual Yoga

in the Monthly livestream Satsang Baba and Amma bring with the Spiritual Yoga a powerfull message to Europe, to the Netherlands. Open your heart and whole essence to the Light, to Love and Joy, to God.

Spiritual Yoga Master Class satsang by Baba & Amma

Livestream Masterclass meditation Spiritual Yoga by yoga master Prema Baba Swamiji and Mataji Amma
Every second Friday of the Month
Follow the livestream from your home or with a group in Bergen NH Netherlands
You can register via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
for details and more information see agenda

Monthly Meditation Spiritual Yoga with Oshianna

Second Wednesday of the Month
Location: Bergen NH, Netherlands
Time: 19.30-21.00
Contribution: €15,- per lesson
You can sign up for a lesson via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Spiritual Yoga retreat Prema Baba Swamiji and Mataji Amma

Baba and Amma are coming to the Netherlands for a three day Spiritual Yoga retreat 21, 22 & 23 September.

Their last yoga retreat was a great succes. Ask for more information if you want to be part of this extraordinary amazing energy transformation to deepen your connection with God and to find the temple of Light and Love within. 

You can send me an email to register This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For details and more information see agenda

Spiritual Yoga Retreat

Meditations and meeting with Baba and Amma in the Netherlands

There will be several opportunities around the retreat to meet Baba and Mataji Amma * at the livestream, * puja meditation * or during one-person sessions. Ask for more information if you want to be kept informed.



With humor and candor, Prema Baba Swamiji, Dr. Donald Schnell, has shared his journey to enlightenment through his book "The Initiation." He has dedicated his life to helping others experience the Light. Through his books and meditations, he tells his main message: the importance of our connection to the Light, the Divine. He calls vitamin G, the Divine Vitamin, God, essential for spiritual growth and learning to live without desire, without uncomfortable emotions and without greed.

Yoga class by Oshianna at the Spiritual Center "Heel en Al" in the dunes of Schoorl.

Prema Baba Swamiji

Prema Baba Swamiji was born in Germany in a unique family, out of a German father and Polish mother on February 4th, 1955. Baba was guided by his inner Guru, the famous Swami Paramahansa Yogananda, author of "Autobiography of a Yogi".

His Mother was a yoga teacher and his father was a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda. Prema Baba Swamiji was spiritually passionate and deeply connected to the Light from early age. Baba’s father had all the teachings of Swami Yogananda and Baba read and applied these teachings. Through Kriya Yoga, Baba would control his lifeforce energies (Pranayama) and withdrawal the conciousness from the senses (prathyahara) at a young age and entered often into Yogic Samadhi.

For Baba it was a zen-puzzle to unravle the family energies. He told me "My father wanted order. My mother wanted her freedom".  Although his mother was a high soul, she left her kids often to the streets...  and in these days Baba and his twinbrother were taken by his father and they moved to Arizona. Baba’s father and his stepmother were initiated into Kriya yoga by Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Master Paramahansa Yogananda.

Baba developed himself also physically and became a member of the National Eagle scouts assiociation. At 16, Baba became an Eagle Scout. (The Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Scouts BSA program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

At age 18, the age of an adult, Baba became an initiate in the world’s oldest spiritual institution, AMORC. Baba was initiated into their advanced titles.

At age 21, Baba was the founder of the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Mesa Arizona, fully approved by Swami Muktananda. In India Baba received directly from Baba Muktananda the power to give his Prema, Shakti, and wisdom that Baba can give to others.  Baba was blessed by Swami Muktananda with the peacock feathers and Swami Muktananda gave him permission to open and run the ashram. 

In these years Baba received many devotees in the ashram including Best Selling Author of Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Joseph Chilton Pearce as Hilda Charlton the famous Yogini of Mexico.

During the next decades Baba lived a more secluded life. Baba traveled back and forth to India to study and to receive the blessings of several Indian Saints, Sages, Gurus, Mystics and Yogis.  He became a disciple of the yogi Swami Nagananda.

In 1997, Prema Baba was inwardly called to come to India. On this journey he was initiated by Maha avatar Sri Babaji, the King of the Yogis. About this initiation he has written the book by the name:  The Initiation.

Babaji asked Baba to dedicate his life with the mission to helping others experience the Light. Prema Baba now brings special breathing exercises and a blossoming powerful energy to the West with the Spiritual Yoga®.

Below is a photo of Prema Baba shortly after meeting Babaji in India.

Prema Baba Spiritual Yoga

One of the most beautiful books Prema Baba wrote is "The Initiation" about his encounter with Babaji and his initation in the Swami order.  He is also co-author of the inspiring books "Fitonics" and "Young for Life".

The Initiation Prema Baba Swamiji_ Donald Schnell

Since several years Baba is married with Swami Mataji Amma.

Swami Mataji Amma

Baba is married with Swami Mataji Amma. 

Mataji Amma met Baba in 2003 at a professional seminar and later reconnected with him in Arizona in 2020. Their friendship deepened into romance and they married in June 2022.

Today Mataji Amma is the co-founder of Spiritual Yoga®, and continues dedicated work towards helping others return to balance, harmony, love and God in their lives. Mataji Amma offers distant energy healing with Spiritual Yoga® Healing, integrating all she has learned to help others with what modern doctors are often unable to perceive.

With more than thirty years experience as a mother, MSW, Life Coach, Energy Healing teacher and ULC ordained minister, she compassionately provides sensible support backed by a wealth of spiritual wisdom and love gained over years of deeply caring for those in need.

Bio of Mataji Amma

Swami Mataji Amma, has lived an extraordinary life dedicated to helping and healing others.
As the oldest of five children in a Catholic household, this early religious focus shaped her youth with prayers and church attendance.

When she was nine years old, while riding her bicycle with a friend, neighborhood boys threw a stone which hit her left eye. This resulted in a traumatic injury, cataract and loss of sight in that eye, as well as a month long hospital stay.

Although an extroverted and happy child, Mataji Amma became, due to this experience, introverted and self conscious for many years. This deepened her spirituality and compassion for others who were disabled.

During high school and college, Mataji Amma recovered some of her exuberance and enjoyed dance, work and school. She eventually worked in manufacturing and earned recognition as a manager in a steel mill. A stressful marriage led to pain and further surgeries on the left eye, requiring replacement with a prosthetic.

In her 30s, while at the steel mill, she experienced a spiritual awakening, mystical visions, intuition and returned to her Catholic faith. She learned about meditation, gemstones, other spiritual paths and entered graduate school for a Masters in Social Work.

Continuing in Boulder Colorado, Mataji Amma practiced Therapeutic Touch, Sufism, and married a fellow Sufi. Their infant daughter was born at home with a major heart defect and a form of childhood cancer, neuroblastoma, in the liver, left adrenals and lung, requiring hospitalization and tube feeding for over three years.

She practiced Reiki I and sought other healing for her daughter who did recover after chemotherapy, radiation and open heart surgery. She is now 35 years old. Amma said: "Although overcoming the illness of my daughter and the finances were a struggle, God always provided a way." Thy Will Be Done and the 23rd Psalm were her guideposts.

Moving to Arizona, Mataji Amma became a Reiki Master Teacher, co-developed one of the first Reiki clinics at an Arizona hospital and taught medical professionals at the UA Integrative Program. As she worked in Home Health and Hospice as a medical social worker, helping many in need, she also grew as an energy healer, learning more advanced methods and developed her own techniques.

Spiritual Yoga Masterclasses


How I started Spiritual Yoga

At an early age, as a child, I did stretching exercises on my bed, which, I later understood, were certain yoga asanas. I exercised a lot, but due to treatment for scoliosis, was often restricted in movement for longer periods of time. When I discovered tai chi and qigong in my college days, during a recovery period from a herniated disc, I became aware of the currents in my body, thus began many insights and changes in my life.

Over the years I learned the long form of tai chi chuan and in addition I began to study the inner power of qigong. From 2001, in addition to weekly classes, I attended intensive qigong weekend training and courses, including with the tai chi and qigong master Mrs. Lin Ji (Lin Dzi) and with Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming. From 2002, I started teaching myself and took my teacher's classes for six months, after which I followed my heart and started my own tai chi school. For several years I taught Tai chi Chuan and then after my spiritual awakening I developed my own Tai chi/Qigong forms. For almost 21 years I taught Tai chi and Qigong before switching to teaching the Spiritual Yoga®.

In January 2007, I started the Kriya Yoga classes of Paramahansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi) and later that year I received my initiations in Los Angeles from Brother Chidananda. That same spring in 2007, I was for the first time in contact with Prema Baba Swamiji, who became my personal teacher snd Guru. I received many of His lectures, classes and trainings and traveled to Florida for a retreat and initiations in 2010. For years I continued to develop according to His instructions. After His divine Prema Shaktipat initiation me and Niels together with our kids went to Mount Shasta, where Prema Baba encouraged me to travel. There I received an insight from the holy Mother Amma, Mata Amritananada Mayi Devi, after which I met Her and became inspired by her great yogic unity experience and example. She is and has been a great inspiration for yoga and my practical earthly spiritual development.

Through the inner attunement, guidance and blessings of Prema Baba Swamiji, I developed my own form of "Chi Manna yoga" over the years to discharge and recharge my nervous system and energy on a deeper level. The Chi Manna helps me deal with the sensitivity of my nervous system and release tension.

I practice the Chi Manna yoga exercises in combination with the Spiritual Yoga®, as taught by Prema Baba, twice a day. They give me effective relaxation of body and mind and are an important preparation for my soul for a deep meditation. By combining them with Spiritual Yoga meditation, I hope to inspire you and get you on your way to relaxing and practicing your own meditation daily.

Increasing your frequency

Yoga and meditation will help you to increase your frequency.
By increasing your frequency, stress will fade into the background.

Baba told me that stress comes from the lower vibration to which our mind and thinking is attached...but when you surrender to meditation and learn the right method to raise your frequency, you will experience deep relaxation, peace and more space. The stress and ballast release from your shoulders and you can develop a deeper focus.

And what I wrote before is what I learned from Baba: "You don't have to change the darkness. Your focus on the Light makes the darkness disappear."

Meditation is what you need to achieve your goals. Focus and a sense of relaxation bring fulfillment and success. You are no longer distracted and less energy is wasted on silly things. You commit 100% to the goal you want to achieve.
Prema Baba Swamiji is a Master. His purpose is to help others experience the Light and raise their frequency, reduce experience of stress and be of service to this world. That is also why he taught me the techniques. He guided me in spiritual transformations for more than 16 years, and now I can share what I have learned from him, with you.