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Prema Baba Swamiji

Prema Baba Swamiji was born in Germany in a unique family, out of a German father and Polish mother on February 4th, 1955. Baba was guided by his inner Guru, the famous Swami Paramahansa Yogananda, author of "Autobiography of a Yogi".

His Mother was a yoga teacher and his father was a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda. Prema Baba Swamiji was spiritually passionate and deeply connected to the Light from early age. Baba’s father had all the teachings of Swami Yogananda and Baba read and applied these teachings. Through Kriya Yoga, Baba would control his lifeforce energies (Pranayama) and withdrawal the conciousness from the senses (prathyahara) at a young age and entered often into Yogic Samadhi.

For Baba it was a zen-puzzle to unravle the family energies. He told me "My father wanted order. My mother wanted her freedom".  Although his mother was a high soul, she left her kids often to the streets...  and in these days Baba and his twinbrother were taken by his father and they moved to Arizona. Baba’s father and his stepmother were initiated into Kriya yoga by Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Master Paramahansa Yogananda.

Baba developed himself also physically and became a member of the National Eagle scouts assiociation. At 16, Baba became an Eagle Scout. (The Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Scouts BSA program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

At age 18, the age of an adult, Baba became an initiate in the world’s oldest spiritual institution, AMORC. Baba was initiated into their advanced titles.

At age 21, Baba was the founder of the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Mesa Arizona, fully approved by Swami Muktananda. In India Baba received directly from Baba Muktananda the power to give his Prema, Shakti, and wisdom that Baba can give to others.  Baba was blessed by Swami Muktananda with the peacock feathers and Swami Muktananda gave him permission to open and run the ashram. 

In these years Baba received many devotees in the ashram including Best Selling Author of Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Joseph Chilton Pearce as Hilda Charlton the famous Yogini of Mexico.

During the next decades Baba lived a more secluded life. Baba traveled back and forth to India to study and to receive the blessings of several Indian Saints, Sages, Gurus, Mystics and Yogis.  He became a disciple of the yogi Swami Nagananda.

In 1997, Prema Baba was inwardly called to come to India. On this journey he was initiated by Maha avatar Sri Babaji, the King of the Yogis. About this initiation he has written the book by the name:  The Initiation.

Babaji asked Baba to dedicate his life with the mission to helping others experience the Light. Prema Baba now brings special breathing exercises and a blossoming powerful energy to the West with the Spiritual Yoga®.

Below is a photo of Prema Baba shortly after meeting Babaji in India.

Prema Baba Spiritual Yoga

One of the most beautiful books Prema Baba wrote is "The Initiation" about his encounter with Babaji and his initation in the Swami order.  He is also co-author of the inspiring books "Fitonics" and "Young for Life".

The Initiation Prema Baba Swamiji_ Donald Schnell

Since several years Baba is married with Swami Mataji Amma.