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Swami Mataji Amma

Baba is married with Swami Mataji Amma. 

Mataji Amma met Baba in 2003 at a professional seminar and later reconnected with him in Arizona in 2020. Their friendship deepened into romance and they married in June 2022.

Today Mataji Amma is the co-founder of Spiritual Yoga®, and continues dedicated work towards helping others return to balance, harmony, love and God in their lives. Mataji Amma offers distant energy healing with Spiritual Yoga® Healing, integrating all she has learned to help others with what modern doctors are often unable to perceive.

With more than thirty years experience as a mother, MSW, Life Coach, Energy Healing teacher and ULC ordained minister, she compassionately provides sensible support backed by a wealth of spiritual wisdom and love gained over years of deeply caring for those in need.

Bio of Mataji Amma

Swami Mataji Amma, has lived an extraordinary life dedicated to helping and healing others.
As the oldest of five children in a Catholic household, this early religious focus shaped her youth with prayers and church attendance.

When she was nine years old, while riding her bicycle with a friend, neighborhood boys threw a stone which hit her left eye. This resulted in a traumatic injury, cataract and loss of sight in that eye, as well as a month long hospital stay.

Although an extroverted and happy child, Mataji Amma became, due to this experience, introverted and self conscious for many years. This deepened her spirituality and compassion for others who were disabled.

During high school and college, Mataji Amma recovered some of her exuberance and enjoyed dance, work and school. She eventually worked in manufacturing and earned recognition as a manager in a steel mill. A stressful marriage led to pain and further surgeries on the left eye, requiring replacement with a prosthetic.

In her 30s, while at the steel mill, she experienced a spiritual awakening, mystical visions, intuition and returned to her Catholic faith. She learned about meditation, gemstones, other spiritual paths and entered graduate school for a Masters in Social Work.

Continuing in Boulder Colorado, Mataji Amma practiced Therapeutic Touch, Sufism, and married a fellow Sufi. Their infant daughter was born at home with a major heart defect and a form of childhood cancer, neuroblastoma, in the liver, left adrenals and lung, requiring hospitalization and tube feeding for over three years.

She practiced Reiki I and sought other healing for her daughter who did recover after chemotherapy, radiation and open heart surgery. She is now 35 years old. Amma said: "Although overcoming the illness of my daughter and the finances were a struggle, God always provided a way." Thy Will Be Done and the 23rd Psalm were her guideposts.

Moving to Arizona, Mataji Amma became a Reiki Master Teacher, co-developed one of the first Reiki clinics at an Arizona hospital and taught medical professionals at the UA Integrative Program. As she worked in Home Health and Hospice as a medical social worker, helping many in need, she also grew as an energy healer, learning more advanced methods and developed her own techniques.