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Spiritual Yoga

Spiritual Yoga is a combination of body exercises and meditation. Prema Baba Swamiji, my personal teacher in yoga, established Spiritual Yoga in the United States and asked me to teach this form of yoga and awareness to others, which I do with love and dedication. 

Meditatie, Meditation

The four main principles of Spiritual Yoga are:

  • Prema, Divine Love
  • Shanti, Peace
  • Ahimsa, Nonviolence (both mental, emotional and physical)
  • Mukti, Liberation (freeing the soul through the Realization of the Self)

In Spiritual Yoga you will find a moment for yourSelf.... 
During class I combine the Spiritual Yoga meditation and breathing exercises with basic physical Chi Manna Yoga exercises and chanting a mantra for clear alignment, discharging your nervous system and experiencing deep peace and grounding.

Yoga is the unification of body, soul and mind

Prana is the life energy

Chi is the flow of energy

Manna is that which nourishes us

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month
Location: Bergen NH, Netherlands
Time: 19.30-21.00
Contribution: €12,- per lesson
You can sign up for a lesson via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With humor and candor, Donald Schnell, Prema Baba Swamiji, has shared his journey to enlightenment through his book "The Initiation." He has dedicated his life to helping others experience the Light. Through his books and meditations, he tells his main message: the importance of our connection to the Light, the Divine. He calls vitamin G, the Divine Vitamin, essential for spiritual growth and learning to live without desire, without uncomfortable emotions and without greed.

Prema Baba Swamiji, Dr. Donald Schnell, was spiritually passionate and deeply connected to the Light from an early age. He immersed himself in spiritual developments when he was young and began meditating with the spiritual book "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda from an early age. He became a disciple of the yogi Swami Nagananda and he met great masters. In 1997, Prema Baba was inwardly called to come to India and met Babaji on his journey. Babaji asked him to pass on his experiences through Spiritual Yoga. Prema Baba now brings special breathing exercises and a blossoming powerful energy to the West with the Spiritual Yoga.

Below is a photo of Prema Baba shortly after meeting Babaji in India.

Prema Baba Spiritual Yoga

One of the most beautifull books Prema Baba wrote is "The Initiation" about his encounter with Babaji and his initation in the Swami order by Swami Nagananda.  

The Initiation Prema Baba Swamiji_ Donald Schnell

Master Class Spiritual Yoga by Prema Baba

Eight Month on the 2nd Friday
Livestream Masterclass meditation Spiritual Yoga by yoga master Prema Baba Swamiji.
Time: 20.00-21.00
Contribution: €50 each Month
Location: to follow from your home, or in Bergen NH Netherlands together with a group
You can register via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How I started Yoga and developed Chi Manna Yoga...

At an early age, as a child, I did stretching exercises on my bed, which, I later understood, were certain yoga asanas. I exercised a lot, but due to treatment for scoliosis, was often restricted in movement for long periods of time, which prevented me from doing so. When I discovered tai chi and qigong in my college days, during a recovery period from a herniated disc, I became aware of the currents in my body, thus began many insights and changes in my life.

Over the years I learned the long form of tai chi chuan and in addition I began to study the inner power of qigong. From 2001, in addition to weekly classes, I attended intensive qigong weekend training and courses, including with the tai chi and qigong master Mrs. Lin Ji (Lin Dzi) and with Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming. From 2002, I started teaching myself and took my teacher's classes for six months, after which I followed my heart and started my own tai chi school. For several years I taught Tai chi Chuan and then after my spiritual awakening I developed my own Tai chi/Qigong forms. For almost 21 years I taught Tai chi and Qigong before switching to teaching Spiritual Yoga.

In January 2007, I started the Kriya Yoga classes of Paramahansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi) and later received my initiations in Los Angeles. That same spring in 2007, I came in contact with Prema Baba Swamiji, who became my personal teacher. I took his classes and trainings and traveled to Florida for my initiations. For years I continued to develop according to his instructions. During a trip to Mount Shasta, where Prema Baba encouraged me to travel, I received an insight from the holy Mother Amma, after which I met her and became inspired by her great yogic unity experience and example. She is an inspiration for yoga and practical earthly spiritual development.

Through inner attunement and intuitive guidance, I developed the Chi Manna yoga myself over the years to discharge and recharge my nervous system and energy pathways on a deeper level. The Chi Manna helps me deal with the sensitivity of my nervous system and release tension.

I practice the Chi Manna yoga exercises in combination with the Spiritual Yoga, as taught to me by Prema Baba, twice a day. They give me effective relaxation of body and mind and are an important preparation for deep meditation for me. By combining them with Spiritual Yoga, I hope to inspire you and get you on your way to relaxing and practicing your own meditation daily.

The importance of increasing your frequency

Yoga and meditation help you to increase your frequency.
By increasing your frequency, certain forms of stress will fade more into the background.

Stress comes from the lower vibration to which our thinking is attached. When you surrender to meditation and learn the right method to raise your frequency you experience deep relaxation and space. The stress and ballast release from your shoulders and you develop a deeper focus.

This is what you need to achieve your goals. Focus and a sense of relaxation bring fulfillment and success. You are no longer distracted and less energy is wasted on silly things. You commit 100% to the goal you want to achieve.
Exactly in that, Prema Baba is a Master. His purpose is to help others experience the Light and raise their frequency, reduce experience of stress and be of service to this world. That is also why he taught me the techniques and guided me in spiritual transformations for over 16 years, so I can now share what I have learned with you.