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How I started Yoga and developed Chi Manna Yoga...

At an early age, as a child, I did stretching exercises on my bed, which, I later understood, were certain yoga asanas. I exercised a lot, but due to treatment for scoliosis, was often restricted in movement for long periods of time, which prevented me from doing so. When I discovered tai chi and qigong in my college days, during a recovery period from a herniated disc, I became aware of the currents in my body, thus began many insights and changes in my life.

Over the years I learned the long form of tai chi chuan and in addition I began to study the inner power of qigong. From 2001, in addition to weekly classes, I attended intensive qigong weekend training and courses, including with the tai chi and qigong master Mrs. Lin Ji (Lin Dzi) and with Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming. From 2002, I started teaching myself and took my teacher's classes for six months, after which I followed my heart and started my own tai chi school. For several years I taught Tai chi Chuan and then after my spiritual awakening I developed my own Tai chi/Qigong forms. For almost 21 years I taught Tai chi and Qigong before switching to teaching the Spiritual Yoga®.

In January 2007, I started the Kriya Yoga classes of Paramahansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi) and later that year I received my initiations in Los Angeles. That same spring in 2007, I came in contact with Prema Baba Swamiji, who became my personal teacher. I took his classes and trainings and traveled to Florida for my initiations. For years I continued to develop according to his instructions. During a trip to Mount Shasta, where Prema Baba encouraged me to travel, I received an insight from the holy Mother Amma, after which I met her and became inspired by her great yogic unity experience and example. She is an inspiration for yoga and practical earthly spiritual development.

Through inner attunement and intuitive guidance, I developed the Chi Manna yoga myself over the years to discharge and recharge my nervous system and energy pathways on a deeper level. The Chi Manna helps me deal with the sensitivity of my nervous system and release tension.

I practice the Chi Manna yoga exercises in combination with the Spiritual Yoga, as taught by Prema Baba, twice a day. They give me effective relaxation of body and mind and are an important preparation for deep meditation. By combining them with Spiritual Yoga, I hope to inspire you and get you on your way to relaxing and practicing your own meditation daily.