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The importance of increasing your frequency

Yoga and meditation help you to increase your frequency.
By increasing your frequency, stress will fade into the background.

Stress comes from the lower vibration to which our mind and thinking is attached...
But when you surrender to meditation and learn the right method to raise our frequency you experience deep relaxation, peace and more space. The stress and ballast release from your shoulders and you develop a deeper focus.

Meditation is what you need to achieve your goals. Focus and a sense of relaxation bring fulfillment and success. You are no longer distracted and less energy is wasted on silly things. You commit 100% to the goal you want to achieve.
Exactly in that, Prema Baba is a Master. His purpose is to help others experience the Light and raise their frequency, reduce experience of stress and be of service to this world. That is also why he taught me the techniques. He guided me in spiritual transformations for over 16 years, and now I can share what I have learned from him, with you.