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Period 4 until 2020: The forces of nature

Over the years I also continued to paint seas, water and trees. The colors, as I experience and render them in my abstract work penetrate in these paintings to the core of experiencing unity, the ultimate experience of Light. In meditation and in nature, I find this again and again. I recognize patterns when I am in nature, and experience a softness, a subtlety, in which my body merges into the resonance of nature. 

During this period, I began to more deeply integrate the serenity and realistic delicate energies, as expressions of the earth and nature, into my abstract work. I also began to experience again the inner urge to exhibit my work. Step by step, I retrieved the paintings of periods 2, 3 and 4 from storage to prepare them for exhibition. After the release of my book "Sea of Light" my work is again hanging at various exhibitions and can be viewed in my studio by appointment.

Below you can see some of my work from the two series: "The Spirit of Water" and "The Earthly Elements".


Series: The Spirit of Water
In water I find the great flow of energy, like an open clarity, a surging, intuitive flow. When I tune in, I feel in this natural flow the inner strength, the Light and silence, the nourishing Source.  From this inspiration, feeling and inner experience formed these new paintings.



Sometimes I paint and don't yet know what emerges. If I look later I see recognizable patterns of flowing water, waves of the sea, roots of trees, flowers, or tree trunks, for example. I then work these out and deepen my perception of feeling in the painting. This gives each painting its own character, appearance and form.


Series: The Eartlhy Elements


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